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Ukraine trident collection

Jewelry of high quality has always been appreciated all over the world. Gold and silver pendants, earrings, cuffs, bracelets and chains elegantly decorate necklines, encircle wrists and sparkle on fingers, giving the image of completeness.  Modern jewelry collection trends are aimed at attracting attention to support certain causes and events such as whats happening in Ukraine, Israel and around the world. Jewelry is a way to show what you stand for. To properly approach the jewelry choice, you must first determine the purpose of the purchase: 

  • for everyday use;
  • for a special occasion;
  • as a gift for a loved one. 

In any case, patriotic motifs in the form of symbols of Ukraine and Israel (ukrainian trident jewelry, Star of David jewelry for women, wheat stalk, sunflower) will allow you to support the things that are close to your heart.

Consider whether you want inlays in your gold earrings, or whether you prefer classic models in a minimalist style. Long pieces are best suited for round face shapes, while shorter chains and chokers are preferable for elongated ones. The same applies to earrings. If youre not sure about the fit, almost all of our listings give a model size (e.g. 12 inch neck wears a 14 inch choker necklace).

What kind of products can you find in our collection?

Ukrainians and beyond can get acquainted with the assortment of Taras Lesya jewelry, which offers quality products for all occasions. They are characterized by individual design, and stylish packaging. It is a reliable choice, because there is a certificate of quality (engraved into the jewelry pieces) and safe payment via Shopify. If the ring, chain or bracelet does not fit you, Taras Lesya company will exchange for another size for free.

You can purchase products from the following categories:

  1. Bracelets made of two types of metals. There are variants available in the form of a wide ribbon with an ornament resembling an embroidery, ukrainian sunflower, thin delicate chains for the wrist and more massive bracelets "woven" of symbols.
  2. Rings with patriotic symbols will be an unsurpassed decoration for any person regardless of age, rings are presented in different sizes, and design options.
  3. Necklaces. There are chains with different weaves and lengths. Original patriotic handmade pendants look very stylish and effective.
  4. Earrings. A great way to complement the necklace and create a fully patriotic image by choosing the goods of the collection. 

You will be able to pick up the goods in the online store using filters. Gold or silver accessory is a universal way to please yourself, or a loved one. A wide range of products, their elegance and gloss will be sure to impress.

Ukrainian symbols in our jewelry: Freedom and peace in the world

What does the coat of arms of Ukraine mean for an ordinary citizen? Why is the coat of arms exactly the trident and not something else? Some people perceive it only as a golden symbol on a blue background, and most people still see in it the word "will" (freedom). In fact, the trident identifies this same meaning in many nations around the world. These are countries such as Italy, Peru, India and others. According to archaeological finds, it was widely used by the Tripoli tribes in the III - IV century BC. In those ancient times, the trident was the sign of the elders.

In modern interpretation, the symbol is successfully embodied in handmade jewelry and means a lot to Ukrainians. It is the strong will to defeat the occupants and terrorists, it is the freedom of choice of word and action, it is everything we breathe today. Wearing ukrainian tryzub jewelry from the collection means not to be afraid of change, not to be afraid that you are a true Ukrainian, and to fight for your freedom.

Every purchase is a support for the Ukrainian people

Jewelry supporting Ukraine can rightfully be considered a good gift and support for the people. Ukrainian symbols reflect what every Ukrainian is proud of: infinitely beautiful landscapes and centuries-old culture! 

If you have a desire to buy Ukrainian jewelry tryzub to emphasize your belonging to your native country, jTaras Lesya presents a wide range of such items that will speak about your attitude to your homeland! It is easy to find many different accessories in the catalog, such as pendants in the form of a coat of arms or ukrainian flag.  Show everyone your pride for your native country! 

You will also find rings, pendants and pendants with the symbol of the Israeli people in the collection - in support of the country, which is in a difficult situation and has to fight for its existence.