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Earrings are the most popular type of jewelry. They are in demand among both women and men. You can use them to show your own individuality, and sense of style.

At Taras Lesya you can buy silver and gold Ukrainian earrings. All products are of the highest quality and handmade. By buying our products, you show support for the people in Ukraine.

Ukrainian symbols in our earrings: Freedom and peace in the world

Earrings that symbolize freedom, independence - the Ukrainian trident earrings. They seem to tell about centuries-old history and culture of Ukraine. 

Earrings with ukrainian flag will be a great gift for a Ukrainian man or woman, as well as residents of all countries who want to buy a piece of Ukrainian culture. To choose a product, it is recommended to consider the following:

  • type of metal (gold, silver);
  • size and style (stud or drop);;
  • design (ukrainian sunflower and others).

Today, the popularity of Ukrainian symbols has gone far beyond the borders of our country. Talented designer and craftsmen Taras Lesya embodied it in unique models of jewelry. You can wear each item independently or combine it with other items of jewelry (by layering).

Why should you buy our earrings?

The virtual catalog contains a wide range of jewelry products. Each user will be able to choose earrings according to individual preferences.

The jewelry is handmade, which guarantees high quality. Before buying jewelry supporting Ukraine, it is recommended to try it on, and compare several products.

Part of all sales is transferred to the UNITED24 fund. You should not deny yourself a pleasant purchase!