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Jewelry is and has always been popular. It is possible to show your own individuality by wearing rings, chains, pendants, earrings encrusted with precious stones, as well as to complete any look: from business to romantic.

Ukrainian Symbolism: Freedom and Peace in the World

Unique, symbolic jewelry is in trend today. It has found a response not only among Ukrainians, but also the residents of other countries. Ukrainian tryzub necklace is a symbol of the struggle for freedom, pride for Ukraine and endless love for it. The advantages of these necklaces are as follows:

  • are made of high-quality materials;
  • meaningful design;
  • symbol of strong spirit;
  • adherence to traditional customs.

The ukrainian trident necklace is a reliable amulet and protection for the owner. It is also worth noting that such jewelry is incredibly beautiful. 

Patriotic pendant necklaces look great both individually and as a set. It is quite easy to make up the latter, as the range of jewelry with national symbols is wide and varied.

Why should you buy our necklaces?

The website contains a large selection of jewelry items. Even the most particular shopper will find a piece to his taste, such as:

  • ukrainian cross necklace;
  • ukrainian flag;
  • ethnic mythology and others. 
Jewelry supporting Ukraine is handmade, which indicates high quality. A part of all sales is donated to the UNITED24 Foundation. Enjoy the beautiful pieces!